Online & On Tour Yoga, Holistic Arts & Trainings

Online & On Tour Yoga, Holistic Arts & Trainings

Inspire, Empower & Return to Wholeness

For all holistic creators, teachers, counselors, mentors, parents, entrepreneurs, artists, therapists, leaders & free thinkers that want to remain inspired, maintain their practices and share liberating Wellness practices.

Restorative Yoga, Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, Meditation, Breathing, Mantra Music, Bhakti, A Course In Miracles, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Transformational blogs & more. Swan Michelle is the Founder of Swan River Yoga based in New Orleans, LA.

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Abundance & The Law of Attraction Course

Abundance in this course is recognized as generosity. Join us to understand what is in your attractor field to attract everlasting prosperity.

Aging Gracefully Restorative Yoga Therapy

This Restorative Yoga class is of course suitable for all ages since we are all ageless, yet special attention will be placed on rejuvenation, invigoration and the inspiration of making time sacred while in the ageless process, which is us all.

Michelle On Tour

Michelle travels to teach workshops and trainings throughout the Gulf Region and internationaly. Check out her On Tour page to see if she’s coming to a studio or festival near you.

Personal Summer Wellness Program

with Swan Michelle

 I have added a new PRIVATE wellness program for the summer at the beach with me and you, solo.

It is designed to be well rounded and to entirely recalibrate your life, to get you in nature, to eat right for you, move right for you, meditate, receive energy work, learn about natural medicine, and more.

I will be your coach. 

  Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training

Coming this summer

(Release date August 2019) 

*Watch the introduction video to learn more.


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