Online & On Tour Yoga, Holistic Arts & Trainings

Online & On Tour Yoga, Holistic Arts & Trainings


My ONLINE VIRTUAL Live Streaming Schedule of Ongoing Classes through our Swan River Yoga website BEGINNING FRIDAY MARCH 19th is up!

How? It’s simple.

1. Register on the Swan River class schedule page
2. Download the App to any device
3. Receive email instructions to the code upon registering

Anyone from all over the world may join these classes and I hope that you do. Social distancing and isolation are very different. Stay connected.

Some are paid classes, some will be free.

This is all CENTRAL STANDARD USA TIME as a note.

Class Schedule
Noon-1:15pm Swan Align
4::45-5:45pm Restorative Sound Bath * Most all levels
6-7pm Swan Align

6-7pm Swan Flow
7:15-8:30pm Mantra, Chanting & Meditation

7pm-7:45am Morning Sadhana, Meditation, Mantra
8:00am-9:00am Swan Flow

9:15-10:15am Swan Flow

6:30-8pm Restorative Sound Bath

March Online Events

March 21st
4:30-6:30: Master Class Series with Swan Michelle
Hips to Splits On The Wall!

7pm-8:30pm: Sound Bath, Mantra and Meditation for Health

March 28th
4-8pm: Yin & Inner Stillness Retreat
Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra for the Immune system, Meditation for Health, Mantra’s for health

Michelle on Retreat

Join Michelle on retreat at one of her 4 international retreats in 2020.

  • Bali with Michelle & Brigette Martin | Feb 25- March 4 2020
  • Prema in the Pyrennes South France | July 8-13 2020
  • Camino de Santiago (France extension) – July 15-22 2020
  • Spiritual Request to India | Dharmasala, India | Nov 13- 24 2020

Featured Yoga Retreat in Bali

with Swan Michelle & Brigitte Martin
Feb 25- March 4 2020

Enjoy Morning Meditations, Daily Yoga Classes in Slow Flow, Align, & Restorative Yoga. Balinese Sound Baths, Evening Mantras, Spa Amenities, Local traditions and an exotic Spiritual journey across the world!

Rich in culture, sacred temples, daily rituals, high craftsmanship shopping, art, beauty, nature, mountains, islands, surfing, diving, fresh springs and a land steeped in yoga. Michelle has been to Bali 5 times and is ready to bring you back!

Collective Health & Social Sickness

  Listen To Audio Version Here   "Health Is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way." -Swami Sivananda   Listen to a FREE Meditation For Health Here   What a wild ride, this life.  With news of sickness...

Swan Talks

Once a month, Michelle offers you a in-depth dharma discussion on her Swan Talks blog. This is a blog full of free resources, inspirations and yoga.

Metamorphosis Sounds in Stillness

Please support the launch of Michelle’s newest CD & Project: Metamorphosis!

Check out her video in the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

Featured Online Courses

Abundance & The Law of Attraction Course

Abundance in this course is recognized as generosity. Join us to understand what is in your attractor field to attract everlasting prosperity.

Aging Gracefully Restorative Yoga Therapy

This Restorative Yoga class is of course suitable for all ages since we are all ageless, yet special attention will be placed on rejuvenation, invigoration and the inspiration of making time sacred while in the ageless process, which is us all.

Addiction & the Pain Body

Addiction comes in so many forms, anything from substance abuse, money, success to being needed.

In this course, we begin to understand the pain body & how to release it with gentle guidance using sound therapy & meditation.

Swan Michelle Podcast on Sound Therapy

with Rebecca Warfield
Eppisode 28: Swan Michelle on Sound Therapy + Energetic Hygiene


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