Wellness at the Beach

Gulf Coast & Pensacola Beach Yoga, Wellness, Weddings & Retreats

Wellness at the Beach

Gulf Coast & Pensacola Beach Yoga, Wellness, Weddings & Retreats


My ONLINE VIRTUAL Live Streaming Schedule of Ongoing Classes through our Swan River Yoga website BEGINNING FRIDAY MARCH 19th is up!

How? It’s simple.

1. Register on the Swan River class schedule page
2. Download the Zoom.me App to any device
3. Receive email instructions to the code upon registering

Anyone from all over the world may join these classes and I hope that you do. Social distancing and isolation are very different. Stay connected.

Some are paid classes, some will be free.

This is all CENTRAL STANDARD USA TIME as a note.

Weekly Class Schedule
6-7pm Swan Flow *Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze FL
7:10-8pm Restorative *Virtual

6-7pm Swan Flow *Virtual
7:10-8pm Restorative *Virtual

9:15-10:15am Swan Align *Virtual
4:30pm Landshark Landing Pensacola Beach FL

8am Sabine Villa on the bay (*email for exact location) Pensacola Beach Fl

Inspire, Empower & Return to Wholeness

For all holistic creators, teachers, counselors, mentors, parents, entrepreneurs, artists, therapists, leaders & free thinkers that want to remain inspired, maintain their practices and share liberating Wellness practices.

Restorative Yoga, Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, Meditation, Breathing, Mantra Music, Bhakti, A Course In Miracles, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Transformational blogs & more. Swan Michelle is the Founder of Swan River Yoga based in New Orleans, LA.

Watch my video to learn more.

Your holistic beach resource for a mindful experience getaway.

  • Beach Privates
  • Semi Privates
  • Groups & Families
  • Weddings
  • Conventions
  • Yoga & Welness Retreats

A Chest of Jewels In Poem

Ode to 2020 By Swan Michelle I began writing and studying  less and instead experiencing and contemplating more poetically in 2020.  Please enjoy a list of ongoing poetry that I will add to, inspired by this year of growth and transformation, a...

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Once a month, Michelle offers you a in-depth dharma discussion on her Swan Talks blog. This is a blog full of free resources, inspirations and yoga.

Swan Michelle Podcast on Sound Therapy

with Rebecca Warfield
Eppisode 28: Swan Michelle on Sound Therapy + Energetic Hygiene

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