Swan Dharma DELUXE (monthly subscription)

If you desire to go deeper and to remain more personally connected than our free monthly essay, consider signing up for MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION of SWAN DHARMA DELUXE. This is a nominal fee of serious nuggets and gems that Swan Michelle will take a lot of time and care to provide. This will be much broader than the valuable and thoughtful essay.

This is a paid for monthly subscription with someone that has experience, does the practices and has a wealth of knowledge, education and wisdom to share.

For this once per monthly subscription, you may be receiving an abundant list of the following, as though she were there with you:

1. An EXTENDED Spiritual and Physical dharma/theme of the month in the form of a written essay with much greater depth, resources and an AUDIO version of the full length essay not included in the free emails.
2. Additional AUDIO’s, such as mantras to listen to our learn to pronounce and play, guided meditations, breathing exercise, energy clearing techniques, chakra tuning, Sound Therapy ideas, daily affirmation application according to the theme, natural medicine of Ayurveda ideas for your health and home
3. A 30 minute-1hour average long VIDEO of additional dharma as to be more personal and close to a Guide or the ability to ASK QUESTIONS in LIVE video offerings, making Swan Michelle far more accessible as she travels.
4. Personal, voluntary HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS and CHECK LISTS for your guided month, applying direction and accountability (all up to you!)

*Note these additions will not be a part of the regular email that everyone gets for free.

Resource and Repurpose

As Swan Michelle instills inspiration on this planet, she will continue to pull out her archive of endless notes, recordings, and library of her most influential resources, offering you lists of her notes, numerous teacher training manuals and books that have moved her through her full time yoga practice since 1996.

Swan Talks (FREE)

Swan Michelle has offered and been in the presence of a tremendous amount of dharma, spoken word, sacred teachings and down to earth practical advise. As a part of your mailing list subscription, you will receive these jewels of inspiration for free. They will also be archived for you here so that you may go back to these milestones on your own journey.

Course of Miracles Book Club

Abundance in this course is recognized as generosity. We can not receive universal gifts if our energy field is filled with worldly beliefs or patterns that truly do not serve us. Join us to understand what is in your attractor field to attract everlasting prosperity.