RETREAT: The teaching of a retreat is integration. It is indeed a blessing to step out of the inside of which you abide periodically, as it adds perspective, moves energy, pulls us out of our comfortable familiarity, and offers a remembrance of the interconnectedness we are once we see new things, new cultures, new geographies, arts, music forms, spiritual practices of wellness and ways of being.

I  offer Cultural, Wellness, Yoga & Spiritual Retreats & Trainings primarily throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the United States, The Bahamas, Bali, India, Spain and Europe. Join me!

“Though we travel the world over again, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

International Retreats with Michelle

The Bahamas April 24-27
Sound and Stillness Retreat

Cosmosis Yoga Centre Nassau 

South France July 8.
El Camino Portugal July 15
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July 8-13, 2020 Southern France Yoga Retreat  with Swan Michelle. Special Guests Sudevi Kramer and Angela Sealy

South of France! Visit castles, villages, festivals, countryside and hike the Pyrenees. An Extension of the French side of El Camino, if ever this has been on your bucket list, is available. along with meditation, sacred mantra, yin yoga, restorative yoga, dharma and flow, all with french and vegan cuisine.


 El Camino France extension  July 15-22, 2020

The Pyrenees, and El Camino Trail Extension!  2 trips in one. 

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November 14-28, 2020 Dharamshala India
Spiritual Trek with Swan Michelle & LHA Louisiana Himalayan Association & Swan River Yoga

Taj Mahal, Ramakrishna Ashram, Home of the Dalai Lama, Himalayan foothill treks, Tibetan Buddhist Temple Visits, Guru Rinpoche Cave, sacred teacher visitations

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Gulf Region Events with Michelle



March 19-April 9th Beginners Series Returns! 4 Thursdays in a row Uru Gulf Breeze, FL 

This beginners series was such a smash we are going to do it again!

n this 4- week series, created exclusively for beginners, we will cover: -the names and mechanics of key yoga postures -creating a solid foundation -alignment techniques to keep you practicing safely – breathing exercises to support your practice from the inside out – how to use props for support and modifications. Start your practice safely in a welcoming environment, with specific emphasis on your personal alignment needs and time to ask questions

March 20th 10:30am National Geographic Filming of Swan Michelle’s Sound Bathat Swan River Yoga. New Orleans RSVP. This will be a filmed class by National Geographic! 

March 21 Master Yoga Class: Uru Yoga Pensacola FL 4:30-6:30pm

Master Class: Offered by an experienced, long-standing yoga practitioner and yoga teacher well rooted in yoga as a lifestyle , enjoy a 2 hour session that will highlight a specific yogic text such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Sutras, Bhagavad Gita or any spiritual inspiration , an advanced mantra to learn with Sanskrit , and a challenging yet accessible and invigorating class with demonstrations, break down, alignment and warm ups to bring us to a peak highlighted pose that you’ve always wanted to do, such as arm balancing, inversions, or deep hip openers.

Alignment, flow, fusion techniques, various yogic schools, kriyas, mudras, pranayama, and a mosaic of influences will be a part of this class. Michelle has been teaching yoga full time since 1998. Come learn, play and practice with her when she is in town!

March 21 Sound Bath. Uru Yoga Pensacola FL 7pm-8:30pm 

The art of using Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Harmonium, Mantra and sacred sound as therapy.

Enjoy a 2 hour long sacred sound journey as bathe in sacred sounds, music, and Mantra India and beyond. High vibrational tones, resonance, vibrations and specific cord arrangements clear the nervous system and soften stress and anxiety.

This can be done lying down, meditating, or doing Restorative Yoga.

March 23rd 7pm-8:30pm Sound Bath Unity Church of Pensacola FL with Swan Michelle and Ric Kindle

This location couldn’t be more precious and beautiful. It is an honor to offer crystal bowls, Balinese drums, planetary gongs, chimes and sacred mantras in this historical church. Please join us for a sacred night.

 March 28 Yin and Inner Stillness Retreat Swan River Yoga New Orleans L

Saturday 4-8:00 PM

Based off of the teachings of Judith Lasater on stillness, relaxing, and renewing, as well settling the Vata Dosha (the constitution of motion) found in Ayurveda, concepts found in Yin Yoga and restorative yoga as a form of therapy, join Swan Michelle in an inner stillness retreat and training

Practices will include:

Dharma discussion on what mindful Stillness is

How to settle the mind and body with Ayurveda

Neuroscience/physiology of the mind in stillness & homeostasis

Discussion of the cosmology of Yin, darkness, mystery

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga




March 29th 4:45pm Energy Clearing Class Swan River Yoga NOLA

Clearing Yourself & Calling On Light

Tools to:
*Remove Obstacles
*Call Your Energy Back
*Let Go of What No Longer serves You
* Strengthen the nervous system & neurotransmitters
Give Yourself Reiki
Higher Self Meditation


March 29th Sound Bath 6:30-8pm Swan River Yoga NOLA

The art of using Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Harmonium, Mantra and sacred sound as therapy.

Enjoy a 2 hour long sacred sound journey as bathe in sacred sounds, music, and Mantra India and beyond. High vibrational tones, resonance, vibrations and specific cord arrangements clear the nervous system and soften stress and anxiety.

This can be done lying down, meditating, or doing Restorative Yoga.

April 4-5 Spring Cleaning Alchemy Weekend in Seagrove FL 30A at Balance Yoga Balance Yoga

April 10-11  Reiki 1 : Swan River Yoga  NOLA 


Friday 6:00-9pm

Saturday 11am-9pm (1 hour break)

Sunday 4-6pm *Description and practice of this public Energy Clearing Class with Chakra Crystal Bowls is offered as supplement and is optional.


Practices in Reiki 1 will include:

The traditional attunements necessary to delve further into becoming a Reiki Master

Self initiations with fire ceremony where mudras and Reiki hieroglyphs are given

Higher Self meditation, cord cutting, clearing spaces, rooms, ourselves

Discussions on the nature of energy, how it moves, what to look out for.

In depth discussions and practices on the Astral body; Chakras, Nadis, Koshas

Giving yourself Reiki

The ethics of energy and Reiki

Chakra Crystal bowls- how to play them

This course does not teach you to yet give Reiki to others, but to first experience, access the tools and feel it for yourself. You will not do Reiki or energy work on anyone in Level 1, which makes this wide open to the many beings this can serve.

Serve yourself and clear yourself first before attending to others.

April 16-19 Swan River Yoga Retreat Pensacola Beach FL with Mary Glackmeyer, Keith Porteous, Kelly Haas and Swan Michelle at Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze and the beach.

Enjoy beach time, sunrise meditations, sunset mantra sessions, flow based and alignment based yoga with live music, and epic food by local chef Jennifer Hammonds of Roots Yoga and Wellness, which is included.

Register! With this set of teachers, this is likely to sell out. Drop in classes or days are available, or choose to do all 4 days.

Location: Uru Yoga and Beyond Gulf Breeze FL 
Register: Swan River Yoga

April 24-26 Sound and Stillness Retreat in Nassau Bahamas with Swan Michelle at Cosmosis Yoga.

Registration is via text  1-242-832-8366 (use WhatsApp) or direct message Swan Michelle and she will connect you with the Manager of Cosmosis. 

***You can also choose to study Alignment based yoga afterward with Mychal Bryan, the owner, or Bhakti Yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram on Paradise Island just after! 

May 17th 11am Bayou Boogaloo  New Orleans

 11-11:45 Live Music Swan River Yoga Class with Swan Michelle, Goshi Berg, and Brigitte Martin. 
11:45-12:15 Sound Bath with Swan Michelle and Goshi Berg

***NEW STAGE: Dumaine Stage, which has shade! Note 2 different offerings this year, making it even more family friendly as everyone can do a Sound Bath

May 17th Sound Bath 6:30pm Swan River Yoga New Orleans 

June 3rd 400 Hour Swan School Swan River Yoga Teacher Training Begins! Swan River Yoga New Orleans

Director: Swan Michelle. Head Faculty: Kelly Haas.  Head Mentor: Brigitte Martin. Numerous guest Faculty highly trained in their field There is no better time than now to change your life and serve your community. 

6 months.  Meeting once per week on Wednesday evenings and some weekends.  Inquire and Apply by going to our website!

June 22 Summer Solstice Sound Immersion Unity Church
of Penacola 6-9pm

3 hours of numerous sound healers in the community coming together, bringing all of their instruments for sound healing

Guided Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony, Listening Meditation, Sound Healing & Concert for Summer Solstice 

Swan Michelle 
Sudevi Kramer
Ric Kindle
John and Amy Jinks
Rebecca Sarthre 
Breath Yoga

June 25-28 Advanced Studies Beach Retreat Uru Yoga Pensacola Beach FL  with Swan Michelle, TQ Sims, Mary Glackmeyer, Brigitte Martin 

Register Swan River Yoga

Curriculum: A Course In Miracles, The Bhakti Sutras, Bhakti Yoga,  The Art of Sequencing Flow, Speaking Dharma from your heart, The Art of Hands On Assists, Asana Alignment, Womens Wellness, Beach Meditations, Mantra







Swan Michelle’s Current Trainings are already personally crafted, tested, sequenced, successful and ready to go. The hours of these trainings and courses may be modified.

Swan Michelle is available to come to you and offer her extensive, highly credible services. Here are many courses she has offered throughout her years of teaching and serving. Please contact her HERE to request a tailored training, brought to you in your community, business, organization, support group, Corporation, Spa or Wellness Facility or conscious business provoking setting.

Trainings & Courses

400 hour Yoga Teacher Training
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
45 hour Reiki Master Program
24 hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
24 hour Advanced Teacher Training
16, 32 or 64 hour Ayurveda Yoga Therapist Course
Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Themed courses for; Diet, Digestion, Sleep Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, Heart and Respiratory health, Seasonal Health, Mental Wellness, Menopause, Hormonal Balance, Women’s Health
16 hour Asana Lab: Backbends, Forward Folds ,Standing Poses, Inversions
16 hour Teaching Accessible Yoga/Modifications, Props & Beginners Lab
8 hour Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Urban Retreat
8 Hour Sound Therapy Training Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Sanskrit and Harmonium
8 hour Energy Clearing, Subtle Body, Chakras & Breathing Course
8 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
8 hour Bhakti Devotional Practices Training
8 hour Art of Physical Hands On Assists In Yoga Class
6 Hour Energy Medicine Course


Stillness & Restoration Retreat: includes Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga Therapy, Sound Baths with live chanting, Meditation & dharma

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Retreats: includes learning your dosha, getting a consultation, practices various dosha based yoga therapies, learning about the practices of Ayurveda such as Abyangha, essential oils, herbs, diet, sleep therapies and food, all in harmony with your constitution