With bi-monthly beach Sound Baths, once monthly Wellness Events sponsored by The Positive Vibrations Foundation and weekly classes on the beach at local hotels. Swan Michelle will travel.

Gulf Region Events with Michelle

Beach Sound Bath Dates for the year: Father’s Day June 19th ,Summer Solstice June 23rd, July 13th (full moon) 
Pre-Registration required. Register for location at Uru Yoga: https://uruyoga.com
If weather is not permitting, we will move to Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze, FL

May 21st, 2022 Bhakti Farms Yoga Fest, Covington, LA 
Register: https://bhaktifarms.com

May 22nd, 2022 Outdoor Yoga and Mantra @ Bayou Boogaloo in New Orleans 
Tickets available @ https://thebayouboogaloo.com: https://thebayouboogaloo.com

May 22nd, 2022 Sound Bath IN STUDIO @ Swan River Yoga New Orleans 
Register for IN Studio @ Swan River Yoga: https://swanriveryoga.com

May 25th – 26th, 2022 Holistic Life & Ayurveda Training, Coldwater Gardens, FL 
Register: https://swanriveryoga.com

June 7th 9:30-10:35am Swan Flow Yoga Class IN STUDIO @ Swan River Yoga New Orleans 
Register for IN Studio @ Swan River Yoga: https://swanriveryoga.com

June 7th 6:30-7:45pm Sound Bath IN STUDIO @ Swan River Yoga New Orleans 
Register for IN Studio @ Swan River Yoga: https://swanriveryoga.com

June 7th 4pm-5:15pm Sound Bath @ Longue Vue Gardens New Orleans 
Registration @ Longue Vue Gardens: https://longuevue.com

International Retreats with Michelle

RETREAT: The teaching of a retreat is integration. It is indeed a blessing to step out of the inside of which you abide periodically, as it adds perspective, moves energy, pulls us out of our comfortable familiarity, and offers a remembrance of the interconnectedness we are once we see new things, new cultures, new geographies, arts, music forms, spiritual practices of wellness and ways of being.

I  offer Cultural, Wellness, Yoga & Spiritual Retreats & Trainings primarily throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the United States, The Bahamas, Bali, India, Spain and Europe. Join me!

“Though we travel the world over again, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dates TBA Bali Indonesia Health and Wellness Retreat with Swan Michelle & Brigitte Martin
Bali Indonesia
Register: http://swanriveryoga.com


Swan Michelle’s Current Trainings are already personally crafted, tested, sequenced, successful and ready to go. The hours of these trainings and courses may be modified.

Swan Michelle is available to come to you and offer her extensive, highly credible services. Here are many courses she has offered throughout her years of teaching and serving. Please contact her HERE to request a tailored training, brought to you in your community, business, organization, support group, Corporation, Spa or Wellness Facility or conscious business provoking setting.

Trainings & Courses

400 hour Yoga Teacher Training
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
45 hour Reiki Master Program
24 hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
24 hour Advanced Teacher Training
16, 32 or 64 hour Ayurveda Yoga Therapist Course
Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Themed courses for; Diet, Digestion, Sleep Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, Heart and Respiratory health, Seasonal Health, Mental Wellness, Menopause, Hormonal Balance, Women’s Health
16 hour Asana Lab: Backbends, Forward Folds ,Standing Poses, Inversions
16 hour Teaching Accessible Yoga/Modifications, Props & Beginners Lab
8 hour Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Urban Retreat
8 Hour Sound Therapy Training Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Sanskrit and Harmonium
8 hour Energy Clearing, Subtle Body, Chakras & Breathing Course
8 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
8 hour Bhakti Devotional Practices Training
8 hour Art of Physical Hands On Assists In Yoga Class
6 Hour Energy Medicine Course


Stillness & Restoration Retreat: includes Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga Therapy, Sound Baths with live chanting, Meditation & dharma

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Retreats: includes learning your dosha, getting a consultation, practices various dosha based yoga therapies, learning about the practices of Ayurveda such as Abyangha, essential oils, herbs, diet, sleep therapies and food, all in harmony with your constitution