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Choose from Private Sessions for yourself, Semi-Privates with a few chosen peers in an intimate setting or Private Large Group options for weddings, festivals, birthdays, conferences, conventions, festivals, business or family gatherings, be it for loss, sickness, wellness or celebration, all done mindfully.

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Wellness Menu

Beginner Yoga

Perfect if you are new to the physical poses of yoga, refreshing your practice or have a specific condition or injury to work on.


Radiant Yoga

Athletic and slightly more rigorous, get your workout on or request specific injury or pain preventive mindfulness movement.


Sound Bath

Experience something incredibly unique for you or loved ones; the healing properties of sound in the form of a lying down concert with large crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, instruments, sacred vocals, all for healing a sound body and mind. This one is gorgeous for weddings or family events on the beach! Read full description


Holistic Wellness & Ayurveda Consultation

Optimize, learn, and receive creative life coaching advice about your diet, daily habits, self-regulation and sleep patterns for the health of your personal constitution, a youthful body, and a strong nervous and immune system through the ancient practice of Ayurveda; natural medicine.


Reiki Energy Clearing

Harmonize any injury, compromised health issue, emotion, or sleep pattern with more energy and the mindfulness benefits of focused universal life force. This practice is non contact, calibrates balance of the energy body and chakras, and instills a lightness of being. It can be added on to a massage to any practice.


Restorative Yoga

Learn breath centered awareness to restore balance in the mind and body, opening the body, recovering from injury, and discharging the nervous system at an attentive paced. Using props, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps in an unwinding, consciously still setting. 4-5 poses are held for the allowance and deep opening of the body.


Paddle Boarding & Yoga

Beach is about fun! Try something new and connect w the water. Learn the basics of paddle boarding, or we will go on a long paddle for exercise if you familiar with SUP. After, we will dock the boards on the beach and do a full yoga practice on the board. *This will include an additional price for the paddle board rental.


Nervous System Health & Somatic Scanning

A full body meditation done seated or lying down, somatic scanning trains the witness mind to become awake and aware of immobilized and bound energy in the body or nervous system due to past emotions or trauma. This can energizing to bound energy, injury, and anything compromised within for optimal health in mind, body, and emotion in a truly deep and attentive release.


Mindful Weddings

Get a group package with many of the above choices or add a wedding lead by Swan Michelle, who is a legal officiant and has lead many heartful weddings with a more personalized approach. This can be completely catered and envisioned by you on the beach or chosen location if mindfulness and unifying consciously resonates more to you both in this sacred celebration of union.


Mindful Movement Therapy

A yogic form of physical therapy, and with Swan’s anatomical numerous therapeutics training’s and years of experience, adjust your private to specific physical recovery need, such as pre or post operation therapeutics, knee health, hip health, spinal health, scoliosis, digestive health, nervous system health, respiratory system health, women’s health (such as menopause, fertility or prenatal) shoulder health and neck health.

This is for injury prevention, degeneration, anxiety/depression, compromised areas of the body or physical health, specific cycles a body such as pregnancy, immune compromised regulation, and injury recovery.


Personal Reset Programs

A package of 4, including an entire holistic inspired approach with an interview and diagram of diet daily lifestyle and routine, mindful movement, and self-care approaches in diet, in daily mindful self care to optimize our health and life.

Meet once per week for 1 month. I will interview you about your lifestyle, your diet, your sleep patterns, your goals, your struggles and any past history of pain, body limitations or trauma.

I will then formulate specific practices for you to begin rehearsing the new you with tools you may not know about that I practice everyday, such as EFT, Meditations, Somatic Scanning, Mindfulness philosophy, Mantras, Restorative Yoga, Holistic diet, Ayurveda, Sleep therapy and Therapeutic pain recovery.

The Reset Program comes in a package of 4. Please message me if this interests you! It is time to upgrade yourself by doing the real and the deep inner work.

Virtual or In Person Mentorship Program 4 sessions $380

Nervous System_ Somatic Scanning

Swan Michelle Mentorship

Personal Continuing Education & Upgrade Program
Virtual or In Person

In inspiration of having 24 plus years of full time teaching, educating and practicing experience in numerous wellness basked modalities and having graduated and trained thousands of high caliber beings in their field with consistency and quality, I have pivoted and am now sharing this one on one with you.

Create your training program in any (or combination of):


Improve your skills

Inspire Your Purpose

Upgrade your service

Live Your Best Life


Flow Based Yoga

Alignment Based Yoga

Teaching Beginners Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Yoga for pain, anatomically compromised therapy, injury prevention and recovery

Chakras, Reiki & Energy Training

Sequencing classes with safety, art and intelligence

Yoga Nidra -Nervous system release, trauma awareness & somatic scanning

Ayurveda- creating daily mindful lifestyle diet & routine for your constitution & goals

Mindfulness living & meditation

Mindfulness & team building in the workplace

Breathing courses

Mantra recitation & harmonium (Bhakti Yoga)

Sound Therapy -vibrational frequencies, tuning forks, crystal bowls

Create your hours and length. Check in, and have someone to ask questions to that lives this and teaches it daily and consistently. This in turn will inspire your consistency, growth and motivation with greater self confidence and qualification as to be the best version of you and your purpose.

Inquire! Price tailored according to your hours


Wellness Spa Experience Menu

In collaboration with Island Skye Spa of Deshi, welcome to my new project blend of eco-tourism, spa treatments and Wellness experiences blended into a package.

Together, we are serving all of the Innisfree Hotels and Margaritaville on Pensacola Beach to provide high quality, mindful self care in nature, at your hotel, at Island Skye, or your chosen rental home or outdoor beach location .

As a Wellness Event Producer, in these offerings, a half day or full day approach to have an experience is far more impressionable to share with yourself, loved ones, or family for any special event.

Swan Michelle and Island Skye will provide bolsters, cushions, massage tables and years of experience in self care, right here on the beach.

Prices for these high end packages will vary based on group size, but below is a well rounded list of ways you can go on vacation or staycation right here on the crystalline waters.

Pick and choose from this menu for something specifically tailored to your vision of a meaningful wellness experience.


Sound & Serene Experience

Individual Massage at Island Skye

Fresh juice picnic

Group Beach Sound Bath

Inward Glow Experience

Individual Facial at Island Skye or Deshi

Reiki Energy Chakra Clearing

Guided Mindfulness & meditation

The Reset Experience

Ayurveda Holistic Group Consultation

Miracle Oil Gift

Ayurvedic Picnic

Nervous System Nourishment Experience

Cranial Massage at Island Skye

Somatic Scanning Yoga Nidra session

Tapping Training to release emotions

Ayurvedic tea blend for settling the onerous system

Ultimate Joy Experience

Paddle board

Yoga class on the beach

Pedicure at Deshi

Champagne at sunset with serenades

Union Of The Senses Experience

For Couples, Girls night out, Mother/Daughter, Pre-wedding, BFF’s…

Deepen a meaningful bond and relationship in your life with this 5 senses package

Partner Yoga or assisted stretching together

Aromatherapy practice for one another

Loving Kindness Meditation for one one another

Rose petal ocean ritual to enhance a sacred relationship

Couples Massage

Picnic w bubbly

***Also pick and choose individual Wellness Experiences to Create or create your own package.

*Price will vary upon how many sessions you request and how many of you there are.

Pricing For Private 1 Person Session

*All props can be provided in person. Prices may vary thereafter according to size of group and travel distance.  Sessions can also be combined. 

Off-site (at someone’s home)

$120 per hour
$150 per 1.5 hours

On-site Package of 4

$380 (four 1-hr sessions)

On-site (virtual or on beach)

$108 1 hour
$130 1.5 hours

Off-site Package of 4

$400 (four 1.5-hr sessions)

Group Private Sound Baths

$150 minimum for up to 5 people on or near Pensacola Beach.

Prices vary according to size and location after this minimum.

A contract and a 50% deposit will secure your spot.

Session locations may be at a pinned spot on Pensacola Beach, in a private or group room inside your hotel or beach home, at The Hampton Inn, The Holiday Inn, The Hilton, Margaritaville Beach Hotel (if you are a guest), Island Skye Spa or Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze, FL

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Cancellation Policies:

Payment is made immediately after the session takes place via Venmo, registering through Mindbody, or cash.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations.
If it is within 24 hours, a 50% fee will be charged as the space was held on your behalf.

Private or Group Wellness Services
& Collaborations Locations:

Margaritaville Beach Hotel

*for guests of the hotel only
165 Ft. Pickens Rd
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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The Holiday Inn

14 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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Island Skye Spa

5 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze

913 East Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

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The Hilton

12 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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