Private & Group Sound Baths

Personalized Sound Healing Sessions in Pensacola Beach

Location: Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Beach 30A, Inner panhandle, Gulf Region and New Orleans.

Created in 2012, Swan Michelle was one of the first in the entire Gulf Region to provide Sound Baths. She developed this concept more fulling after visiting Bali Indonesia where Gamalan is present in all of the villages and every member of the community develops a sound instrument to add to their symphonic lives.

Swan Michelle has brought Sound Baths to thousands of beings especially across the Gulf Coast, fitting hundreds of people in her packed Swan River Yoga studio in New Orleans, as well as taking it to the road to such places as Bali, India, The Bahamas, Mexico, numerous festivals, and reaching 10,000 people inside of The Saenger Theatre.

She has trained extensively in Sound Therapy with John Beaulieu in developing an understanding of the healing of the nervous system from trauma and PTSTD with tuning forks.

She has also studied Sanskrit and mantra in South India with Dr Jayashree to pronounce this high vibratory language for a higher power, far beyond transitory experience.

Swan Michelle has one of the most extensive crystal bowl collections in the south, with over 40 crystal bowls.

She has developed a very unique form of Sound Bath like now other and has traveled the world to find these instruments in high calibration.

About Sound Therapy

Sound brings the alignment of the body into congruence with consciousness. Sound has been used in healing ceremonies to soften alternate reality transitions.


Alchemical Affects of Sound In Body:

Nitric Oxide measurably increased
Opiate Molecules (endorphins) activation
Tryptamine (melatonin) activation]
Amygdala stimulation/release (emotional response of the limbic system) Oxytocin secretes ( known as the love and pair/social-bonding hormone)


Sound as a Therapy

Sound Therapy was originally used as a treatment for PTSD/shellshock

Pain has sound, and can provide intelligent communication so that we are healing and listening instead of treating or fixing.

The quickest way into the brainstem is through sound & touch.

Humans are sound. Humans both produce and process sound.

Sound organizes matter
Sound is both space and matter
Sound is a mystical event


Book a Sound Bath for a special event, celebration, wedding, festival, wellness retreat, yoga studio, nature location, home and family blessing, recovery from sickness and personal healing purposes.

We are a part of a sound collective. Let’s join together in a sound mind and sound body for a sound planet.

We are simultaneously the instrument, music, musician & audience

Local Private Sound Bath

Location: Pensacola Beach, FL

Great for a special celebration event, birthday or team-building activity.

This is a unique, accessible experience that the entire family can attend.

$150 minimum for up to 5 people. $30 per person thereafter.


Large Group Sound Bath

Location: Off-site

I have played Sound Baths for weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, baby christenings, churches, funerals, Trauma Therapy Clients, Corporate events, birthdays, Wellness Retreats, in the woods, at the beach, in theaters, hotels, homes, yoga studios.

Pricing dependent on location, driving time & length of time.


Public Group Sound Baths

Twice monthly on Pensacola Beach, FL

Go to to find out the next one and register or create your own!




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Cancellation Policies:

Payment is made immediately after the session takes place via Venmo, registering through Mindbody, or cash.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations.
If it is within 24 hours, a 50% fee will be charged as the space was held on your behalf.

Private or Group Wellness Services
& Collaborations Locations:

Margaritaville Beach Hotel

*for guests of the hotel only
165 Ft. Pickens Rd
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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The Holiday Inn

14 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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Island Skye Spa

5 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze

913 East Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

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The Hilton

12 Via De Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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